No Time to Go Out? Fun Pet Activities You Can Do In Your Own Backyard

I don’t think that I can ever emphasize enough how much a Labrador Retriever needs their exercise. My mother had a labrador retriever when she was young and she showed me photos of before and after she was tasked to care for it. You see, her dog, named Max wasn’t very active. Her parents were not big fans of going out for walks or talking the dog out for a drive.

This resulted with Max becoming quite fat from all the eating but no exercise. When my mother was given the task of caring for Max, she was still pretty young and of course wasn’t allowed to go out for walks by herself. She had to be rather creative in the ways that she could exercise Max out. While they couldn’t go out for walks, they did have a backyard and that’s where my mom’s creativity kicked in.

I start today’s article with this background because this is going to be our topic! As an adult, I know now that life can be pretty busy and it will be the pets that will be the first to suffer. So I asked my mother to share the activities that used to do with Max in their backyard, other than enjoying rides in luxury vehicles rented from Here are some of her answers:


My mother emphasized that it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. All that was needed was for the dog to be active aka running around. Labs were bred to be retrievers of their owner’s kills out in the field. My mother tapped into that and got Max used to this Frisbee that she had. Once Max was comfortable with the toy, they proceeded to play fetch at least 20 minutes per day.

Tug of War

To be honest, I was rather skeptical about this one. While I can see why tug of war would be a good exercise, wouldn’t that also teach the dog aggression? According to my mother, not so much! In fact, she used the act of playing tug of war with Max as a rather teachable moment. She taught him to understand the command to release his bite on the ratty old fabric when told.

She also clarified that her mistake at the beginning was letting Max grab hold of the fabric first. She made sure to correct that so that her dog would understand right away if my mother wanted to play tug of war and when she didn’t.

In Conclusion

Exercising a lab isn’t that hard nor should it cost you any money (at least not as expensive as it would be to rent a sports car in London). All your lab needs is some dedicated time from you to give them something to do. Never forget that these are activities that you can do in your backyard. If you do not have a backyard, fetch should be out of the question unless you can bring them somewhere spacious.

Tug of war should be doable. Never forget that if your dog is obese, that is your fault. Do a very thorough analysis of how you are raising your pet.

What activities do you do with your pet in your backyards?

Not Just For Humans: Why You Should Never Miss a Doggie Vaccine

A pet is wholly the responsibility of its owner. For a dog to lead a successful and meaningful life, the owner needs to be fully involved. This means being an active participant in making sure that the pet is given suitable nutrition, exercise, and yes, even vaccinations. There is a reason why having a dog is often compared to having a child. When dogs are still young, they will require patient handling and substantial spending.

If you are planning on getting a Labrador retriever puppy, it is important that you be aware of the different sort of vaccines that will be necessary, why they are needed, and when they are needed. Before you get a puppy, consider your area. Is there a vet nearby? It would be better if you are a responsible pet owner and prepare yourself before actually getting a pet.

While puppies are normally immunized from certain diseases from their mother’s milk, not all puppies have had the luxury of being raised for a few weeks by their mother. You should never assume that the puppy you are getting was able to feed from its mother unless the breeder or shelter personally assures you. Even then, you should be aware that the immunity they get from their mother’s milk does not last long.

Here are a few reasons why it is critical that your dog does not miss any of their shots:

You Mess Up the Schedule Overall

There are certain doses that come in particular schedules. If you miss your pet’s vaccine schedule and put it off indefinitely, your pet will have to take the first shot again. Not only will that cost you additional money but as you can see, it messes up the schedule of all other vaccines as well.

You Risk Your Dog’s Health

Vaccines exist for a reason. Vaccines are the result of careful research and development by people who have the health of animals at the forefront of their thoughts. Vaccines help to keep your pet protected from wholly preventable diseases that can be fatal if they were exposed to it.

Your dog is not just something that you own. It is your friend and it does love you unconditionally. Would you betray that trust by risking their health? If you are concerned about the fee, talk to your vet, they usually will have an outreach program or a campaign wherein pet owners can bring in their pets for their shots at massive discounts—sometimes even for free.

In Conclusion

It is in everyone’s best interest, especially yours, to get your pet their shots. While it is true that no one can force you to vaccinate your dogs, you must be aware of the risks that you subject yourself to by leaving them unvaccinated. If your dog catches a disease from their environment or even other dogs—especially if this is a parasite driven disease—you risk exposure to that as well. So if you would rather remain parasite free, I highly suggest that you get your pups checked out to make sure they have all their shots.

Do you think doggie vaccinations are needed?

Travelling Soon? How to Travel With Your Furry Buddy!

Travelling can be one of the most stressful things that we can do—if you do it incorrectly, that is. It can be quite bad enough just going by yourself but if you add other people and even a pet into the scenario it can be one big mess waiting to happen. This is why it would be critical for anyone who is aiming to travel with their fur baby to learn what it takes to travel well with a pet—especially with a dog as hefty as a labrador retriever.

Over Land

If you are planning on taking your fur kid on an extended Roadtrip, there are a few pointers you need to keep in mind at all times:

Train your dog to ride a car months beforehand

If you have your own vehicle, you can get them comfortable in the car first. Just make sure that their bladders are empty before you put them in. You do not need to actually drive around; you only need to put them in there with you to get them acclimatized. Once they are comfortable, take short drives and gradually increase the duration.

Just remember to make sure that they go before the ride and that they have empty tummies. You wouldn’t want sic all over your upholstery.

Plan pit stops into the driving route

Dogs can get pretty anxious once in a moving car. It would be in everyone’s best interest if there are very specific pit stops built into the driving plan. A pit stop every three to five hours of driving would be ideal. It will give the dog a chance to relieve themselves and gather their bearings.

Via Air

Air travel is one of the fastest ways to cover large distances. However, they can come will a lot of to-do lists so you’d best read up on what’s necessary. Like:

A clean bill of health

Visit your vet to have your fur kid checked out. CDC and Animal Control will never allow an animal on a plane without a clean bill of health. So have your doctor give his go-signal and nurse those documents because you will be asked to present them.

While you’re at it, ask for any medication that you can give your pet to help them with anxiety from being put in the luggage area.

A dog crate that has suitable locks

Your dog’s safety and security is very important. You need to get a rather large dog crate if you want to transport a fully grown labrador retriever. Make sure that they have ample water and treats in there. Things can be quite scary so make sure that they have their comfort toy.

In Conclusion

Travelling does not have to be a complete hassle. When you do reach your destination, try to make sure that the accommodations you’ve chosen are pet-friendly. The last thing that you would want is to be turned away from your hotel simply because you have your dog with you.

What other tips do you subscribe to when it comes to travelling with a pet?

Labradors on Spotlight: Popular Movies Featuring Labrador Retrievers

Hello and welcome back to another discussion! I’m deeply honored that I have received so many responses to the question I posted at the end of the previous article. It warms my heart to think that there are so many people out there that cherish this particular dog breed as much as I do. Yes, I agree that the article was rather abridged but hey, there is always more room for further discussions!

Speaking of further discussions, have you ever noticed that when you look up movies that have dogs in them, there’s a big chance that the dog in question will be a labrador retriever? It’s true! It seems that Hollywood and media have caught on about how highly charming and interesting these creatures are. Having them as a big part of a movie is no joke! There will be strict call times and there needs to be 100% assurance from the dog’s owner that they will be providing an ethical workplace for the animal. Not to mention assuring the cast and crew of their safety—after all, as amazing as this dog breed is, it is still a creature with its own inherent nature.

If you’re not quite convinced, let me list a few of the movies that either feature of have a labrador retriever was one of its main characters. Let’s begin.

Marley & Me

Ugh. Pardon me while I reach for the tissue! Just thinking about this film reduces me to a blubbering mess. Don’t mind me—if anything, you should take that as an indication of how much this film can touch its audience. Especially, audience members that love this particular dog breed.

This movie follows the lives of a young married couple and their dog Marley who they got as a trial to see if they were ready to handle children. The highly incorrigible Marley brought about as much charm and laughter as one could expect from a labrador retriever. Don’t let me spoil the ending for you but it is something that you will remember for years to come.

The Incredible Journey

This movie takes me right back into my childhood! This movie follows three animals: a bull terrier, a labrador retriever, and a Siamese cat. They’re on their way home when they start missing their respective owners. If the premise sounds kind of familiar, this is because in 1993 or so, the movie Homeward Bound was made.

The Incredible Journey predates that by several decades since it came out in 1963. This movie is a great example of how well animals can adapt to their environment and how well-trained animals make one heck of an adventure movie!

In Conclusion

Movies provide a great way to sneak a peek at what life would be like with a lab. While they may not be able to go on fantastical journeys like presented in movies, they can still provide their owners and people who see them with a warm feeling in their hearts.

Which popular movie that has a lab in it is your favorite?

Knowing Is the First Step: What You Should Know About Labrador Retrievers

Hello and welcome to the first ever post of Wind Dreamer! If you do not know by know, this blog is wholly dedicated to anything and everything about the dog breed Labrador Retriever. This particular breed of dog is arguably one of the most popular dog breeds that are chosen to be house pets and even service animals. If you are lucky enough to have one in your life or are planning to bring one home, it would be important for you to find out more about the breed.

In light of this, I wanted to discuss some core points that are necessary knowledge for anyone who is interested in this particular dog breed.

Medium to Large in Size

Labs are blocky dogs. Depending on their progenitors, they can be rather large in size and quite hefty if they don’t get the exercise that they need.

Highly Active

They name retriever isn’t there simply because it sounds good. They used to be primarily work dogs. They used to help farmers maintain their herds of sheep. When the nobility and higher crusts of society realized how easy it is to train Labradors and how intelligent they are, they were used for retrieving wildlife that had been shot.

Therefore, a lab will need a lot of space to be able to run around and get any excess energy out. So if you are living in an apartment and are considering a Lab as a pet, this might not be a good situation to enter into.

Highly Social

Labs are very social creatures. They do not do well in isolation and will need a lot of affection. Usually labs are best in groups. However, considering their size, they make do with the companionship that is given by their owners.


Given the size and heft that labs grow to be, they can often be prone to hip injuries or even knee complaints. They are also prone to developing deafness and eye problems later in life.

If they do not get suitable exercise, they can get obese rather easily. When cared for suitably, labs can live up to nearly 20 years.

In Conclusion

Knowing the breed’s ins and outs is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be able to care for it sufficiently. There have been far too many horror stories of pet owners that do not realize the work and effort that it takes to care for a large dog. There have been too many loving dogs that have been given up or abandoned simply because the owner was not aware of how to handle the breed and its needs.

Let us not add to this any further. A lab, if you take care of it properly, is one of the best sorts of breeds that you can have. Labs are highly trainable and truly friendly creatures. This is only a few of the many reasons why they are good pets to have in life. What else do you think people should know about this particular dog breed?