Be a Contributor!

Hello and welcome to Wind Dreamer.
I am certainly glad that you are nurturing an interest in becoming a contributor! I firmly believe that the world needs more of you.

A contributor is a person that makes it their business to combine their passion and interest for writing and another topic and synthesizing both for other people’s growth. Wind Dreamer, if you aren’t familiar with it, is a blog that is wholly dedicated to the topic of the lovable dog breed: Labrador Retrievers. This is a subject that has A LOT of branches to it so as much I would like to say that I am a one-woman writing army, I am certainly not.

So hello, my name is Sydney Lopez and my blog needs contributors! To give you an idea about what sort of discussions are welcome on Wind Dreamer, here are a few topics:

Labrador retriever Care

There is no one size fits all attribute in caring for different dog breeds. There are those that come in different coats. So Wind Dreamer needs people who can sufficiently discuss the concept of caring for Labrador retrievers.

Labrador retriever Health

Every breed has its own share of specialized health concerns. Wind Dreamer would highly appreciate the input of those in the pet medicinal field. The health of pets is the complete responsibility of pet owners and they need the knowhow to do it properly.

Labrador retriever Events

There is a whole network of groups, pet owners, and organizations that are all dedicated toward supporting each other in their quest to provide ample care and high quality of living for their Labrador retrievers.

If you believe that you would like to lend your skills and knowledge to this blog, do let me know. You can give me a call at 801-570-0925.