Labradors on Spotlight: Popular Movies Featuring Labrador Retrievers

Hello and welcome back to another discussion! I’m deeply honored that I have received so many responses to the question I posted at the end of the previous article. It warms my heart to think that there are so many people out there that cherish this particular dog breed as much as I do. Yes, I agree that the article was rather abridged but hey, there is always more room for further discussions!

Speaking of further discussions, have you ever noticed that when you look up movies that have dogs in them, there’s a big chance that the dog in question will be a labrador retriever? It’s true! It seems that Hollywood and media have caught on about how highly charming and interesting these creatures are. Having them as a big part of a movie is no joke! There will be strict call times and there needs to be 100% assurance from the dog’s owner that they will be providing an ethical workplace for the animal. Not to mention assuring the cast and crew of their safety—after all, as amazing as this dog breed is, it is still a creature with its own inherent nature.

If you’re not quite convinced, let me list a few of the movies that either feature of have a labrador retriever was one of its main characters. Let’s begin.

Marley & Me

Ugh. Pardon me while I reach for the tissue! Just thinking about this film reduces me to a blubbering mess. Don’t mind me—if anything, you should take that as an indication of how much this film can touch its audience. Especially, audience members that love this particular dog breed.

This movie follows the lives of a young married couple and their dog Marley who they got as a trial to see if they were ready to handle children. The highly incorrigible Marley brought about as much charm and laughter as one could expect from a labrador retriever. Don’t let me spoil the ending for you but it is something that you will remember for years to come.

The Incredible Journey

This movie takes me right back into my childhood! This movie follows three animals: a bull terrier, a labrador retriever, and a Siamese cat. They’re on their way home when they start missing their respective owners. If the premise sounds kind of familiar, this is because in 1993 or so, the movie Homeward Bound was made.

The Incredible Journey predates that by several decades since it came out in 1963. This movie is a great example of how well animals can adapt to their environment and how well-trained animals make one heck of an adventure movie!

In Conclusion

Movies provide a great way to sneak a peek at what life would be like with a lab. While they may not be able to go on fantastical journeys like presented in movies, they can still provide their owners and people who see them with a warm feeling in their hearts.

Which popular movie that has a lab in it is your favorite?