Not Just For Humans: Why You Should Never Miss a Doggie Vaccine

A pet is wholly the responsibility of its owner. For a dog to lead a successful and meaningful life, the owner needs to be fully involved. This means being an active participant in making sure that the pet is given suitable nutrition, exercise, and yes, even vaccinations. There is a reason why having a dog is often compared to having a child. When dogs are still young, they will require patient handling and substantial spending.

If you are planning on getting a Labrador retriever puppy, it is important that you be aware of the different sort of vaccines that will be necessary, why they are needed, and when they are needed. Before you get a puppy, consider your area. Is there a vet nearby? It would be better if you are a responsible pet owner and prepare yourself before actually getting a pet.

While puppies are normally immunized from certain diseases from their mother’s milk, not all puppies have had the luxury of being raised for a few weeks by their mother. You should never assume that the puppy you are getting was able to feed from its mother unless the breeder or shelter personally assures you. Even then, you should be aware that the immunity they get from their mother’s milk does not last long.

Here are a few reasons why it is critical that your dog does not miss any of their shots:

You Mess Up the Schedule Overall

There are certain doses that come in particular schedules. If you miss your pet’s vaccine schedule and put it off indefinitely, your pet will have to take the first shot again. Not only will that cost you additional money but as you can see, it messes up the schedule of all other vaccines as well.

You Risk Your Dog’s Health

Vaccines exist for a reason. Vaccines are the result of careful research and development by people who have the health of animals at the forefront of their thoughts. Vaccines help to keep your pet protected from wholly preventable diseases that can be fatal if they were exposed to it.

Your dog is not just something that you own. It is your friend and it does love you unconditionally. Would you betray that trust by risking their health? If you are concerned about the fee, talk to your vet, they usually will have an outreach program or a campaign wherein pet owners can bring in their pets for their shots at massive discounts—sometimes even for free.

In Conclusion

It is in everyone’s best interest, especially yours, to get your pet their shots. While it is true that no one can force you to vaccinate your dogs, you must be aware of the risks that you subject yourself to by leaving them unvaccinated. If your dog catches a disease from their environment or even other dogs—especially if this is a parasite driven disease—you risk exposure to that as well. So if you would rather remain parasite free, I highly suggest that you get your pups checked out to make sure they have all their shots.

Do you think doggie vaccinations are needed?